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Arbitration eligible. If I could only be so lucky

Posted on: December 1, 2008 9:34 am
The Milwaukee Brewers will be deciding today whether or not they will be offering arbitration to four players, CC Sabathia, Ben Sheets, Eric Gagne, and Brian Shouse.  If they offer arbitration to Sheets and Sabathia, they will receive two first round picks for each player if they sign with another team.  They are both considered "Class A" free agents.  If the Brewers offer arbitration to Gagne and Shouse, they can receive a "sandwich" pick between the 1st and 2nd round if they sign with another team.  They are "Class B" free agents.  So you ask, why wouldn't you offer them arbitration?  The simple answer: they might take the offer. 

Clearly, the Brewers will offer arbitration to Sabathia.  They have offered him $100 million dollars, he isn't taking a one year contract.  What about Sheets?  The question comes down to are the Brewers willing to pay him $15 million over one year?  That is debatable.  The guy didn't pitch in the playoffs because he had a boo boo.  There was no structural damage.  He was trying to protect himself for a big contract during the offseason.  Well, it turns out, there isn't that much intrest in a guy that hasn't pitched a full season in four straight years.  I think, the Brewers will offer him arbitration and would be silly not too.  $15 million for a motivated Ben Sheets is a good deal.

Gagne is another deal entirely.  Remember, the Brewers paid him $10 million last season.  If they offer him arbitration, he takes it, and the final number is $7 million, the Brewers are paying WAY more for a set up guy than they can afford to spend.  I don't see the Brewers offering him the arbitration, just for the fear of being stuck with him.

Shouse I believe they SHOULD offer him arbitration.  He is 40, a jouney man, and a left handed specialist.  He is also ridiculous when it comes to stranding inherited runners.  Time after time, Brian Shouse would come into a jam, and leave with no runs scored.  He might get a bump to $3 million dollars with arbitration, but that would be worth having him in the bullpen.  Rumors are that he wants a two year contract and the Brewers are only offering a one year deal.  If he goes with someone else, the Brewers pick up a nice draft pick, if he takes arbitration, you get him for what they wanted to offer him in the first place.

The deadline is today, so the answers will come quickly.

Here is why professional sports are so ridiculously unrealistic.  I'm an associate principal.  I think I do a pretty good job.  At my last school district, due to "budgetary concerns" they couldn't offer me a competitive offer to stay, so I left to another district.  Where is my arbitration?  I want to get a ridiculous raise for doing a good job.  I need a better union... wait, I don't have a union... no one pressured me to take the highest offer.  I want someone to pressure me into taking $140 million.  WHERE IS MY $140 MILLION?  If life could only be so good.

Packers lost again.  There were 450 posts on the Packer blog on the Journal-Sentinel website... Packer fans are busy calling Ted Thompson a bum and a loser... Mike McCarthy should be fired.... Erin (That was how they spelled it... intentionally) Rodgers is a over-paid bust... gotta love Packer fans.

Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg... with his own gun... it slipped down his pant leg and it went off... just... wow.  And this moron makes millions and millions of dollars... If I could have run a 4.4 instead of a 4.6... damn slow white man syndrome.

I missed my fantasy football playoffs because of a tie breaker.  I hate tie breakers.  13 weeks of staring at a computer and hearing my wife berate me for wasting another Sunday all for not.  Sick.  Stupid tie breaker.  Stupid fantasy football.  Stupid Terrell Owens not outscoring Jason Witten on a Monday Night Football game.

See ya on the flip side.
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